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What is the MTP Program?

While watching the interviews with our Active Podcast guests, you may well have been motivated by their efforts on their journey to achieving success.

This will have inspired some of you to join the Active English Academy where you have the chance to design your own life and give yourself the edge in teaching, business, sport and life.

Now comes the time to start delivering your  “A-Game” on a daily basis. This requires developing high performance habits that become part of your DNA and daily routine.  In order to learn these habits, you will need a “ High Performance Coach “ ( HPC ).  You may be surprised to know that Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin group has an  HPC, because he understands the value that an HPC brings to helping him maintain his high performance habits every day.

High performance people are “Mentally Tough Players”.  MTP`s attract the best opportunities, their names come up in conversation, other high performance people want to work with them and they make more money and have more fun !


How does it work ?


  • Review the Bio of our registered coaches.

  • Choose a coach, request a consultation and receive MTP Program guidelines.

  • Active English staff will help to match you with a suitable coach and set up your course.

  • Coaching can be carried out “ Online “ or “ Live” .

  • MTP Program members also get FREE access to the Active English Academy.

  • Make yourself accountable to an HPC and increase your motivation in order to achieve your goals.