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WELCOME TO active english

Teacher/Coach Accreditation System

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What is the Accreditation System ?

The “Active English Association” ( AEA ) set the recognized standards on how Active English (AE)  should be taught in Japan. The Accreditation System courses range from giving teachers/coaches experience in AE, through qualifications to instruct AE under the AEA and also run courses and earn income from AE as a business enterprise.

There are 4 Levels in the system :- 


How does it work ?


  • Take the “ Foundation Course “ and discover what AE actually is !!

  • Take the “Activator Course “ and start introducing AE to your students.

  • Join the AE “ Inner Circle” and increase your high performance skills.

  • Take the “Instructor Course” and start teaching full AE lessons and courses. Work under the AEA for greater credibility and earn income for yourself from AE.

  • Take the “Examiner Course” allowing you to train and qualify other coaches while increasing your earning potential under the AEA.

  • Join the AE Private Facebook Group and become part of the “ tribe “ !!