Episode 2 - Active English - A New Medium For Teaching.

In this Episode 2, Host Matthew Coleman chats with Ian Simpson. Ian is the Founder of Active English ( teaching English through human movement) and Owner of Queens Education Co.,Ltd

Bio - Ian Simpson worked as physical education teacher in the UK and Australia for 17 years before moving to Japan as a professional rugby coach and then opening small chain of English schools that include an innovative online school. He is one of only a select group of people from the UK to be awarded “The Winston Churchill Fellowship” for the research and development work he did in the area of elite coaching and teaching methods in education and sport. He is now putting that skill set to use by pioneering the new movement of Active English.

Show Notes :-

Ian starts by talking briefly about his history in education and sport and how its resulted in the founding of Active English ( AE )

The science behind Active English

Types of Active English

AE`s place within the curriculum

The Active English “Platform” - website and social media and THE ACADEMY ( “inner circle” )

The set up of the Active English “Association” and the Business side of AE

Teaching Training Courses and the Safety aspects of AE

Introducing the next teacher training course on Sunday February 10th 2019 in Mie Ken. See AE website ands SM for futher details.

The future growth of Active English

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Ian Simpson