Episode 3 - " is the education system broken ? "

Active Podacst - Episode 3 - “ is the education system broken ? “ - with Hosts Matthew Coleman and Ian Simpson and guest Masayuki Ishida.

In this episode, Hosts Matthew Coleman and Ian Simpson are joined by high school student Masayuki Ishida. Masayuki is not your usual high school student, he is highly intelligent, switched on and has great social and awareness skills for a teenager. Also, Masayuki is the first student to complete 200 of “The Edge - online video lessons” which uses “real time” video analysis of a students speech pattern and provides the student with highlight video feedback. See the links :-

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In addition, Masayuki is a computer programmer and wrote the software “ X-Words” - a fully customizable vocabulary testing program for teachers. Available to buy in early 2019 on this link :- Buy X-Word - also, he is a black belt in full contact karate !!


We start of talking about why Japan has such a low ranking in ability to speak English. We discuss the possible reasons for this, the limiting implications for Japan and possible solutions.

The poor use of ALT`s and the Japanese governments new initiatives for improving English.

We then move into talking about the history of the western worlds education system, how it almost has not evolved to cater for the information age.

From a curriculum point of view we debate about possible options we could introduce to motivate kids in school and to better meet the needs of their passions, whether they are right or left brian bias, prefer the STEM or Arts subjects - “all kids should be able to pursue their passions to academic success “ , and what is intelligence ?

Lastly we give Masayuki a blank canvas to architecturally design schools for the future - will it look like the Google HQ office ??

Probably the best podcast we have dropped so far - 1hr,20mins, listen to it while you drive or workout or WATCH the video version on this link *- ( first half only on video )

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